Make Google My Homepage

Welcome to make Google my Below you will find out how to change your respective browser to your favorite search engine, which in this case is Google.So the first thing to do would be to open up your browser. In This case we are showing you how to do so in Google Chrome.

Make Google My Homepage

Google Chrome Browser

Once your browser is opened, you can then navigate to the top right hand side corner on the page where you will find a small spanner icon. Make sure to click on this spanner and it will bring a drop down.In the drop down you will see the settings tab.Click on this and navigate to the search tab, where you can change your search engine to Google.

Make Google My Homepage



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Make Google Your Homepage With Internet Explorer

If you use the internet explorer browser, then you will probably want to set Google as your homepage.Internet explorer is good, the only downfall is that it does not have support of Google any more and as a result i have found it to be quiet buggy at times and full of unnecessary plugins and ad-dons which detract from the goal of a search engine. Nonetheless if you use Internet Explorer, than follow along with the instructions.

Click on the icon in the top right hand corner.The one that looks like a gear.Once clicked navigate to the Internet Options tab.

Make Google Your Homepage On Your Internet Explorer Browser step 1

In the General tab, you will see a URL, if its not your preferred Google address like or Canada) you can simply change it, press the OK button and open another tab.This should bring up a fresh new Google search bar.

Make Google Your Homepage On Your Internet Explorer Browser step 3


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