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Below and throughout this site you will find that answer to the question how do I make Google my homepage as well as Yahoo & Bing. Changing their search engine is something that a lot of people find to be one of the most useful modifications they’ve made to their browser when it comes to online search. You’ve most likely had the experience , you download a program only to have some horrible spyware install a Trojan search engine that clutters and slows your browsing experience down. Or perhaps something else has happened and you are no longer enjoying the sleek design of the above mentioned search engines? Whatever the case we hear your frustrated shouts of how do i change my search engine!

Why Google Is Our Search Engine Of Choice?

Google is the current top search engine and has been that way for years. If you take a look at the Google Homepage it’s sleek design and minimalist approach make it easy and simple to use.  The first product that this company ever released was its search engine and that is what has enabled the company to come so far.  It is part of what is referred to as the “Big 5 Search Engines”, on that list it is followed by Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, and AOL.  It has earned this title by having the most features available before its competitors.

Google is simple to use.  That is the number one reason that people choose it over other search engines.  It works alongside your other services such as Gmail, Youtube, and Picasa.  You can put a term into the main search box and use the tabs at the top to switch to searching Images, Google News, Google Scholar, or any one of the other refinements that Google offers. Google Chrome Free Download.google_chrome_head

The simple and easy look to Google’s search engine makes it a breeze to use.  Any time that anyone advertises on the search engine it is either put to the side or top and clearly marked as an ad.  Google was the first search engine to offer this and since they started doing it many other search engines have followed suit.

Google also offers the ability to answer questions right in the search results.  At first Google was only able to answer basic math problems like 4+4= or 8*4= but they have developed their search results to be able to give you a lot more answers just try it out!  After math came conversions and definitions.  Now you can ask Google what items or ideas are or even when events are and it will answer in a separate box at the top of your search results.  You never need to worry about questions anymore because chances are that Google knows.  If it doesn’t know, there are almost always search results that will point you in the right direction.  Try it out here,

“What is the meaning of life?”

With a team dedicated to just enhancing search results Google provides the most refined search results.  They have developed some of the leading search engine algorithms to help you find helpful websites and avoid websites that are scams or plagiarized.  Google will ignore or reduce the relevance of websites that post duplicate content and websites that have content that may be considered deceptive.

Sometimes content that you find on search engines is not in English and it is the only content that you can find that addresses your query.

Google helps with this by being able to translate pages that you find via Google Search.  The selections of languages available with Google’s translate service is quite large and well known for being some of the best translation software available.

Google search offers many benefits to consumers.  It allows you to find almost anything you want and have your questions answered.  Constantly trying to develop its services, Google will most likely remain the top search engine in the world for years to come.  It doesn’t hurt that they have an extremely large operating budget.

So now that you have an idea of how awesome he Google Search Engine is, lets look at how you can configure your browsers to search with it.

Below we have all the browsers and search engines in order.

How to Make Google My Homepage With Firefox-Safari-Chrome-Opera Mini

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Change Your Default Search Engine With Opera Mini

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