Make Google My Homepage with Chrome

Here on this page you will learn how to make Google my homepage with Google Chrome. Not many folks actually know how to do this relatively simple thing, so if you are among the group that’s not too sure of how to go about this then read on! You will notice that the homepage of this picture is You can make it whatever homepage you want it to be, so if you’re an Australian living in South Africa and you want to use then you can do that.

So to get started,  you then need to click on the top right hand button, the one with the 3 horizontal bars above each other

make google my homepage step02

 This will drop down an options bar.Look for settings and then click on it.

make google my homepage- step 2


Once you are in the settings area, you then need to look for the “Manage Search Engines” tab and click on it.What this will do is open up a few search engines that are commonly available to the public, all you need to do is follow instructions to set your search engine as Google.

make google my homepage- step 3


Once you are in your manage search engines box, look for Google and hover your mouse over it. You will see a “make default” button that you will need to push. Once you’ve pushed that you can click done at the bottom of the box, and open a new tab. Hopefully it would have changed and your default homepage would be

make google my homepage
So now you know how to make Google your search engine and homepage. Hopefully you are now fully informed as to how to get the most out of Google Chrome and the Google search engine.