Why Google Is Our Search Engine Of Choice?

Google is the current top search engine and has been that way for years and that’s why we have dedicated this website to this cause. If you type www google com and take a look at the homepage, it’s sleek design and minimalist approach ensure that it is easy and simple to use. The first product that this company ever released was its search engine and that is what has enabled the company to come so far. It is part of what is referred to as the “Big 5 Search Engines”, on that list it is followed by Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, and AOL. It has earned this title by having the most features available before its competitors.Google is simple to use. That is the number one reason that people choose it over other search engines. It works alongside your other services such as Gmail, Youtube, and Picasa. You can put a term into the main search box and use the tabs at the top to switch to searching Images, Google News, Google Scholar, or any one of the other refinements that the search engine offers. Google Chrome Free Download. they even allows you to download YouTube videos their videos so when you find a video you really like you can download it straight to your desktop computer.

Questions You will find the answer to in this article

  1. How do I set Google as my homepage automatically?
  2. How do I change my search engine to www google com?

  3. How do I make Google your homepage with Windows 10?
  4. How do I make Google your homepage on my Android phone?
  5. Make Google My Homepage With Google Australia

Make Google Your Homepage With Mozilla Firefox

make google my homepage with Firefox01

1) The first thing you would want to do is click on the orange Firefox drop down settings menu. That would be the little gear icon in the top right hand corner of the page.

make google my homepage with Firefox02

2) A menu will appear, ensure that you are in the Home section and then select the drop down and click on “custom urls’.

make google my homepage with Firefox03

3) In the custom urls omnibox you can then type in the search engine of your choice which will in this case be www google com or whatever extension you wish to use.

 Set Google As Homepage with Internet Explorer

If you use the Internet Explorer Browser,or Microsoft’s Edge as it used to be called, then you will probably want to Make Google as your homepage. Internet Explorer is good, the only downfall is that it does not have support of the search engine any more and as a result i have found it to be quiet buggy at times and full of unnecessary plugins and ad-dons which detract from the goal of a search engine. Nonetheless if you use Internet Explorer, than follow along with the instructions.

make google my homepage internet explorer01

Click on the menu icon in the top right hand corner of your browser,the one that has three dots in a line. Once clicked navigate to the settings button and click on it.

Now click on the appearance button, after that, click on the show home button and then below that, enter your search engine of choice.

Change Your Search Engine To Apple’s Safari Browser

Open your browser and click on the little star icon in the top right hand corner of the browser window.

A window will open with 10 tabs. Ensure that you are in the General tab. Once you’re in the general tab look for”Homepage”and the “Set To Current Page” button. You can change your default search engine to www google com.

Set Your Homepage With Google Chrome

Here on this page you will learn how to enable Google as the default homepage with Google Chrome. Not many folks actually know how to do this relatively simple thing, so if you are among the group that’s not too sure of how to go about this then read on! You will notice that the homepage url of this picture is Google.in. You can set it to whatever homepage you want it to be, so if you’re an Australian living in South Africa and you want to use the Google.au homepage then you can do that.

So to get started, you then need to click on the top right hand button, the one with the 3 horizontal bars above each other

This will drop down an options bar, Look for settings and then click on it.

Once you select settings are in the settings area, you then need to look for the “Manage Search Engines” tab and click on it. What this will do is open up a few search engines that are commonly available to the public, all you need to do is follow instructions to enable your search engine as Google.

Once you are in your manage search engines dialog box, look for Google and hover your mouse over it. You will see a “make default” button that you will need to push. Once you’ve pushed that you can click done at the bottom of the text box, and open a new tab. Hopefully it would have changed and your default homepage would be Google.com.

So now you know how to set Google as your search engine and homepage. Hopefully you are now fully informed as to how to get the most out of Google Chrome browser and the Google search engine.