Changing Google Chrome to Search Google Afghanistan (

Are you living in Afghanistan and for some reason need to re-add Google AF to Google Chrome as your default search engine?  Maybe you are living abroad and Google didn’t download the Google Afghanistan search engine because of the country you are in.  Never fear, it is possible to still add Google Afghanistan with these simple steps.

Open a new tab or window and at the top of the window next to the address bar find the button with three little lines in it.  This is the menu button, press it.

set your homepage on chrome- step 1

Select the option for settings.

set your homepage on chrome- step 2

You are looking for the section that is titled appearance.  Once you find it select the option for managing search engines.

set your homepage on chrome- step 3

This is the box is where you put in the URL of the new search engine.  Let’s put in for now, you can change it later.

set your homepage on chrome- step 4

To save the new search engine, click OK. You will now see a home icon in the top left hand of your browser screen.