Google Chrome Browser is not working in Windows 10

Google Chrome is the most used web browser. But, there are many issues that people all over the globe face with Google Chrome. These errors can be found if you have Google Chrome set as your default browser. Not a ClassChrome is not opening“Chrom not Working”Google Chrome doesn’t respond after Windows 10 Fall Creators update” are two of the most common Chrome-related errors. It is possible for your computer to stop responding after the Windows 10 Creators Update or Windows 10 Update.Google Chrome It crashes and doesn’t work.

These are the top five ways to get Google Chrome to work like before, so you can start browsing your favorite sites.

Google Chrome is not working on Windows 10

Compatibility issues can sometimes cause other apps and programs to stop working when your Operating System is upgraded to a higher version. Windows doesn’t support older programs, apps, or software. You can try to update the program that is causing the error, Google Chrome.

Method 1: Reboot your system in Safe Mode, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache

Google Chrome errors can be fixed by going to the Moderation that is safe.

Step 1: Click here Start. Click on the next button The Power icon.

Step 2: Next, press the Shift key while simultaneously clicking on the Restart Option.

Step 3: Follow the route.Troubleshoot> Advanced Options>Setting up startup.

Step 4: Next, click on the Restart Click the link, then press theF5Key This will allow the Moderation that is safe With Networking.

You will now be able to choose your laptop or PC. Safe ModeThese steps will be completed.

Step 5: Next launchGoogle ChromeYour system.

Step 6: First, back up all important bookmarks. Next, press theShift+ Ctrl+ DeKey together

Step 7: Clear the window from the new window.cache And Cookies The browsing history of Chrome.

If that fails, you can try the next method.

Method 2: Troubleshoot the error by adding reliable multicast protocol

If you are unable to access Google Chrome browser using the above methods, please check your network configurations.

Step 1: Press the Windows icon key +R to launch the run command prompt Next, typencpa.cpl Enter the information in the box, and then hit the Enter tab.

Step 2: Click the Network Connections. Right click on the running program Network adapter Select Properties Option.

Step 3: NetworkingTab, scroll down to locate Multiplexor Microsoft Network AdapterProtocol Click on the button.Install Option.

Step 4: Highlight the Protocol button in the next window and click on the Add option below.

Step 5: Now highlight. Reliable Multicast Protocol Press Ok.

That’s all. The Ok button will allow you to save the changes and then restart your computer. To verify that the problem persists, open the browser.

Method 3: Modify the Google Chrome Browser Properties

If none of the above methods work to fix Google Chrome not working, you can try changing some settings. This is the best option for users who need to use Chrome with Windows Security Shield. Follow the below steps to open the shortcut file or.exe of the browser and run it as an administrator.

Step 1: Right-click the Google Chrome Click on icon Properties

Step 2: Next, select the Compatibility Tab and click on Modify settings All users have the option.

Step 3: Next, in the compatibility mode uncheck the box that is against the This program should be used In Compatibility mode

Step 4: Under the Settings, ensure you check the Run this programme as an administrator Administrator Option.

Step 5: Click on to apply all changes. Apply. Next Click OK.

Step 5: Click on the OK tab to close the Google Chrome Properties window.

To check the problem, open the browser. If you are still having trouble understanding the problem, there is another way.

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Method 4: Turn off/ Disable Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome can also be stopped from functioning by Hardware Acceleration. Turn it off and look for the error.

Step 1: Start Google Chrome. Type the address bar-chrome://settingsEnter. The browser settings will open when you press Enter.

Step 2: Locate the ShowAdvanced SettingsClick on it. Click on it.Configurations

Step 3: Uncheck box to enable hardware acceleration when it is an option.

Step 4: You will see the Restart link. Click it.

After rebooting the system, turn it on in normal mode.

These methods should help you to resolve the problem.

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