How To Set Internet Explorer As Default Homepage

If you use the Internet Explorer Browser, then you will probably want to set Google as your homepage.  Internet explorer is good, the only downfall is that it does not have support of Google any more and as a result i have found it to be quiet buggy at times and full of unnecessary plugins and ad-dons which detract from the goal of a search engine. Nonetheless if you use Internet Explorer, than follow along with the instructions. Click on the icon in the top right hand corner, the one that looks like a gear.


Once clicked navigate to the Internet Options tab.


In the General tab, you will see a URL, if its not your preferred Google address like or Canada) you can simply change it, press the OK button and open another tab.This should bring up a fresh new Google search bar.


Usability features

This web browser is very popular globally, and at one time in the past, was the world’s number one used browser. Due to much competition in the web browser department, it has slipped a notch, and is no longer number one on the list. However, it still remains a force to be reckoned with. Internet explorer is designed for the user to be able to view a broad range of pages. It provides certain features within its operating system. These features include a Microsoft Update. When browsers were just hitting the market and competition was fierce and tough, Internet Explorer won the race. It superseded Netscape Navigator. The features of Internet Explorer include the fact that it supports HTML.

It supports CSS, levels one, all the way through to level three. It also supports XML, and more. It has a trident rendering engine. This engine scored the highest in the W3C conformance test suite for all major browsers. It utilizes DOCTYPE sniffing to choose between standards mode and quirks mode. In doing this, it intentionally copies non standard behaviours of old versions of HTML and others. Internet Explorer also provides its own ECMA script. The browser has been criticized though. Particularly, it was criticized by a Mr Tim Berners – Lee, mainly for its limited support for SVG. Internet Explorer introduced many proprietary extensions to many of its standards. This caused many web pages to appear broken and introduced a need for quirks mode. Internet has introduced many extensions to the DOM that other browsers then adopted.

Security features

What kind of security does Internet Explorer use? Internet Explorer uses zone based security. The zone based security framework, groups different sites based on conditions. These conditions include whether it is an Internet or Intranet site. It also includes whether it is a user editable white list site. Various security restrictions are applied per zone. All the sites in that particular zone will then be subjected to the restrictions. It is also necessary to mention Microsoft Windows Attachment Execution Service. This service marks executable files which have been downloaded from the internet and marks them as being potentially unsafe.

When the user is accessing a file which has been marked this way, the user will be prompted to make a decisive trust decision as to whether to execute the file. This is because executables which originate on the internet have the potential to be unsafe. This feature helps to prevent the accidental installation of malware. Internet Explorer 7 is the browser that introduced the phishing filter. It works by restricting access to phishing sites. The user will actually have to override the decision not to restrict access to this site. Version 8 of Internet Explorer also blocks access to certain sites that are reputed to host malware. Another security feature is that downloads are checked to ensure that they are not malware infected. In Windows Vista, Internet Explorer runs Protected Mode. Here the privileges of the browser are quite severely restricted. The browser cannot make changes that are system.