Make Google USA My Homepage

If you are looking to make Google USA your homepage on your internet browser here is how you do it if you are using one of the major internet browsers.  In order to get the most features out of your new homepage make sure to sign into Google and check to stay signed in.  This will allow Google to provide you with search history and search advice.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome does use homepages by default, instead it opens tabs starting with a most frequently visited tabs.  By utilizing these instructions you will once again enable homepages on Google Chrome.

set your homepage on chrome- step 1

Click on the three line button at the top right corner of the window and navigate to the settings option.

set your homepage on chrome- step 2

Scroll to the appearance section of the menu and select Show Home Button.  This will cause the home button to appear again in the menu bar.

set your homepage on chrome- step 3

Below the Show Home Button options you will see the change your home page section which is where you input

Internet Explorer

Open the browser window, and click on the gear icon.

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 1

On the top of the page find the Tools option and find the menu item Internet Options.

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 3

Under the general section you will see an option for Home Page, enter

Set your homepage on Internet Explorer Step 4

Don’t forget to hit apply then okay.

Apple Safari

Locate the Safari tab at the top of the window and open preferences.

set your homepage on safari - step 2

Click the homepage tab.

set your homepage on safari - step 3

In the homepage section enter the URL


Go to the website that you wish to make your homepage.

Click and hold to drag the tab over to the home button and drop it on the home button.

When prompted click yes to set Google USA as your homepage.

Or you can open your browser. Click on the three bar tab in the top right hand corner of the browser window.

set your homepage on firefox - step 1

In the drop down click on the options button.

Step 2 in setting your home page on Firefox

Select general and then look for the homepage field. Simply enter and click the use current page button and then click yes. Open a new tab and you should have the right homepage open.