Where is notepad on ipad

The notepad function is not available on the iPad as of iOS 6.0. If you would like to take notes on your iPad, you can use the Notes app instead. This app allows you to type and format your notes, and even include images. To access the Notes app, tap the Notes icon on your home screen.

Pros and cons of the iOS 6.0 Notes App

PROS: -Can type and format notes-Can include images-Notes are saved automatically

CONS: -No notepad function available

-Interface may be confusing for some users If you’re looking for a notepad function on your iPad, you’ll be disappointed with iOS 6.0. However, the Notes app is a decent substitute that allows you to type and format your notes, as well as include images. Keep in mind that there are some drawbacks to using the Notes app, such as the lack of a notepad function and a potentially confusing interface.