Can chromebook play dvds?

No, Chromebooks do not have the capability to play DVDs. Some newer models may be able to read DVD discs with an external drive, but they cannot play DVDs natively. If you need to watch a DVD movie on your Chromebook, you will need to use an app or other software that allows you to convert the DVD into a digital format that can be viewed on the Chromebook. There are several free and paid options available which allow you to do this. Once the DVD has been converted into a digital format, it can then be transferred to your Chromebook and viewed using a media player app.

If you need to convert DVDs for use on other devices, many modern DVD players have built-in converters for this purpose. These players are relatively inexpensive and can make it easier to watch your DVDs on any device, including a Chromebook.

Finally, if you need to play a DVD movie on your Chromebook there is one more option: cloud streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video offer thousands of movies that can be streamed directly to your Chromebook without needing to download or convert any files. These services are often free or low-cost and provide an easy way to watch movies on your Chromebook.